First post of my new website!

For the longest time, I have been an event photographer.  Corporate shindigs, parties, barmitzvahs, grand-openings, reunions...all captured by my lens.  Many times the subjects are people that I know, be it work acquaintences, friends or sometimes even family, so it concerns me when the events don't go as planned, or for whatever reason start to have problems.  Sometimes, if I can step in to offer suggestions or help to fix the problem, then I have no hesitation doing so.  This is truer nowhere else than weddings...where a missed step or unforseen incident can mar what would otherwise have been a perfect day. 

One of the ways to make sure that things go well, ESPECIALLY at weddings, is to make sure the guests and wedding party are happy, comfortable and (hopefully) not too drunk!  I have seen some cool ideas on how to make this happen, be it offering the right hiring the right DJ or band to keep things even the gifts that grooms offer their groomsmen.  I have seen personalized sneakers, iPads, sunglasses and of course alcohol in just about every form imaginable.

But if you don't want to break the bank, why not try out somewhere where their WHOLE business is to make quality, cool, personalized and AFFORDABLE items for groomsmens' presents.  I happened to be sent a cool personalized knife to check out to see if I would endorse it as a possible gift.  And the answer is a resounding Yes!  I was married so long ago that in order to get gifts you had to actually drive around to find them.  Too bad they didn't have a place like Groovy Guy Gifts.  They have a wide selection of gift ideas for just about every taste.  And they make it easy to order as well!

So if you are planning a wedding and want to make YOUR groomsmen happy, then visit !  You won't be disappointed!